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Flat tax: Quiz


Question 1: US Congressman ________ has advocated a flat tax on all income in excess of an amount shielded by household type and size.
Carl AlbertDick ArmeyTom DeLayDick Gephardt

Question 2: At the time, rival Democratic candidate Tom Harkin ridiculed the proposal as having originated with the "________".
Hollow EarthAntarcticaFlat Earth SocietyNASA

Question 3: ________
Tax revenue as % of GDP
Tax rates around the worldValue added taxGovernment budget by countryTax haven

Question 4: Proponents of the flat tax claim it is fairer than stepped ________, since everybody pays the same proportion.
Progressive taxIncome taxProperty taxTax rate

Question 5: Jerry Brown, former Democratic ________, made the adoption of a flat tax part of his platform when running for President of the United States in 1992.
Governor of AlabamaGovernor of CaliforniaArnold SchwarzeneggerPolitics of California

Question 6: Podcast of Rabushka discussing the flat tax Alvin Rabushka discusses the flat tax with Russ Roberts on ________.
Milton FriedmanAustrian SchoolEconTalkFriedrich von Hayek

Question 7: DC Delegate ________'s position seems unclear, however DC mayor Anthony Williams has stated he is "open" to the idea.
Delegate (United States Congress)United States SenateUnited States congressional delegations from UtahEleanor Holmes Norton

Question 8: This article is part of the series:
________ and Taxation
Financial marketBond (finance)DebtFinance

Question 9: ________ (also known as Laffer Curve)
Laffer curveValue added taxDeposit insuranceTax rates around the world

Question 10: The Negative Income Tax (NIT) which Milton Friedman proposed in his 1962 book ________ is a type of flat tax.
Free to ChooseLibertarianismLiberalismCapitalism and Freedom


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