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Question 1: The water-cooled SOHC 1832 cc flat-6 is fitted to the ________ from 2001 on.
Honda Gold WingHonda VaraderoHonda NX250Honda CB500 twin

Question 2: The water-cooled flat-6 engines in the ________, Cayman and later 911 models
Porsche 993Porsche BoxsterPorsche 997Porsche 928

Question 3: Boxers are one of only three cylinder layouts that have a natural dynamic balance; the others being the ________ and the V12.
Straight-six engineInline-four engineStraight-eight engineV8 engine

Question 4: Boxer engines must not be confused with ________, which are based on a quite different concept using two crankshafts.
Napier DelticOpposed-piston engineTwo-stroke engineFour-stroke engine

Question 5: The air-cooled flat-4, flat-6 and flat-8 engines were used for many years in early ________.
PorscheVolkswagen GroupFerdinand PiëchFerdinand Porsche

Question 6: The most popular and significant layout has cylinders arranged in two banks on either side of a single ________, generally known as "boxers".
Oil pump (internal combustion engine)Connecting rodTwo-stroke engineCrankshaft

Question 7: The ________ used an air-cooled flat-6, though this is something of a rarity in American designs.
Chevrolet NovaChevrolet VegaChevrolet CapriceChevrolet Corvair

Question 8: Flat engines have a lower ________ than any other common configuration, so vehicles using them should benefit from better stability and control.
Vehicle dynamicsCar handlingTireCenter of mass

Question 9: A flat engine is an ________ with multiple pistons that all move in the horizontal plane.
AutomobileStroke ratioSpark-ignition engineInternal combustion engine

Question 10: Since its introduction in 1975, the ________ has utilized a boxer engine, a 4-cylinder until 1987, and 6-cylinders since.
Honda VaraderoHonda CB500 twinHonda NX250Honda Gold Wing


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