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Flat Earth: Quiz


Question 1: Among them was the observation that when sailing towards ________, they seem to rise from the sea, indicating that they were hidden by the curved surface of the sea.
LandformMountain rangeMountainLevee

Question 2: The 1980 film The Gods Must Be Crazy concerns a Bushman of the Kalahari who decides to travel to "the edge of the world" to dispose of a ________ bottle that he thinks has evil powers.
Inca KolaTab (soft drink)OK SodaCoca-Cola

Question 3: Various ancient cultures had conceptions of a flat Earth, such as Babylon, ________, pre-Classical Greece, pre-Classical India and pre-17th century China.
New KingdomPtolemaic KingdomAncient EgyptAlexander the Great

Question 4: [57][59] Key parts of traditional Indian astronomy, heavily attacked by progressive Indian astronomers, were discarded, while others were attempted to be adapted to the new ________.
AristotleScientific methodParadigmPseudoscience

Question 5: Likewise, the fact that Bertold von Regensburg (mid-13th century) used the spherical Earth as a ________ illustration shows that he could assume this knowledge among his congregation.
Protestant ReformationSermonChristianityCatholic Church

Question 6: Flat-Earth models were in fact held at earlier (pre-medieval) times, before the spherical model became commonly accepted in ________.
PhilolausAlmagestThalesGreek astronomy

Question 7: [47] Also, "On the Sphere of the World", the most influential ________ textbook of the 13th century and required reading by students in all Western European universities, described the world as a sphere.

Question 8: The Hebrew Bible carried forward the ancient Middle Eastern cosmology, revealed partly in the ________, which described a flat earth with a solid roof, surrounded by water above and below.
MardukAtra-HasisEnûma ElišBel (mythology)

Question 9: Thomas Aquinas, in his ________, wrote, "The physicist proves the earth to be round by one means, the astronomer by another: for the latter proves this by means of mathematics, e.g.
ThomismApophatic theologyScholasticismSumma Theologica

Question 10: ________ is particularly rich in references to the flat Earth.
Fairy taleFantasySpeculative fictionNovel

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