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Flash flood: Quiz


Question 1: In fact, in some areas, desert roads frequently cross dry river and creek beds without ________.
BridgeTruss bridgeCable-stayed bridgeArch bridge

Question 2: 2009 On the 25th of November, more than 100 people died in flash floods that swept away highways and neighborhoods in the city of ________, which was caused by heavy rains.

Question 3: Second, these rains often fall on poorly-absorbent and often ________-like soil, which greatly increase the amount of runoff that rivers and other water channels have to handle.
SandClayEarthquakeSoil liquefaction

Question 4: Flash floods are distinguished from a regular ________ by a timescale less than six hours.
Flood controlNetherlandsFloodHurricane Katrina

Question 5: 2008 The June 12–13, 2008 Floods around Duck Creek in ________.
Scott County, IowaDavenport, IowaQuad CitiesBettendorf, Iowa

Question 6: [2] As little as two feet of water (60 cm) can be enough to carry away most ________-sized vehicles.
Sport utility vehicleStation wagonFord Focus (international)Four-wheel drive

Question 7: Flash floods can also occur after the collapse of an ice dam, debris dam or a human structure, such as a dam, for example, the ________ of 1889.
Allegheny Portage RailroadSouth Fork DamJohnstown, PennsylvaniaJohnstown Flood

Question 8: 1990 The ________ Duck Creek Floods of 1990.
Rock Island, IllinoisQuad CitiesMoline, IllinoisDriftless Area

Question 9: 2009 The ________ resulted from 20-30 inches of rain falling in 75 minutes.
2009 Kentuckiana Flash FloodIndianaLouisville, KentuckyJeffersonville, Indiana

Question 10: It may be caused by heavy rain associated with a storm, ________, or tropical storm or meltwater from ice or snow flowing over icesheets or snowfields.
CycloneTropical cycloneTropical cyclone basinsEye (cyclone)

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