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Flare: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Flare play in the movie Wave Twisters?
Darth Fader
Wax Fondler
Turbo Frog

Question 2: A ________, also known as a flarecraft
Lun-class ekranoplanGround effect vehicleGermanyA-90 Orlyonok

Question 3: ________, an eruption of plasma from the surface of the sun
Solar cycleSolar windCoronal mass ejectionSolar flare

Question 4: ________, an aerial countermeasure against heat-seeking missiles
Pyrotechnic compositionFlare (countermeasure)Air-to-air missileInfrared homing

Question 5: ________, a luminous device often used for signaling
Flare (countermeasure)Flare (pyrotechnic)Pyrotechnic compositionCalcium

Question 6: Flare or ________, a recurrence or aggravation of symptoms of a medical condition

Question 7: Flare, a technique used in Landing an aircraft where the descent rate is gradually reduced until the ________ gently touches the ground or runway.
Glass cockpitAircraft flight control systemUndercarriageWingtip device


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