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Question 1: ________: systems that blow engine air over the upper surface of the flap at certain angles to improve lift characteristics.
Flap (aircraft)High-lift deviceBlown flapVortex generator

Question 2: Flaps increase the ________ of an aircraft because of higher induced drag caused by the distorted spanwise lift distribution on the wing with flaps extended.
Drag coefficientDrag (physics)Drag equationLift (force)

Question 3: The X-53 Active Aeroelastic Wing is a ________ effort to incorporate this technology, and the Adaptive Compliant Wing is commercial development effort.
Space RaceSpace explorationNASAHuman spaceflight

Question 4: Invented by Arthur Gouge for ________ in 1936
Short SunderlandShort StirlingShort SingaporeShort Brothers

Question 5: Negative flap may also be used during the initial stage of an aerotow launch and at the end of the landing run in order to maintain better control by the ________.
AileronFlap (aircraft)Aircraft flight control systemElevator (aircraft)

Question 6: Flaps are hinged surfaces on the trailing edge of the wings of a ________.
Aviation historyFixed-wing aircraftGlider (sailplane)Powered hang glider

Question 7: Extending the flaps also increases the ________ of the aircraft.
Drag coefficientLift (force)Drag equationDrag (physics)

Question 8: Slotted flap: a slot (or gap) between the flap and the wing enables high pressure air from below the wing to re-energize the ________ over the flap.
Boundary layerFluid mechanicsNavier–Stokes equationsDrag (physics)


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