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Question 1: Flanders (and Belgium as a whole) saw some of the greatest loss of life on the Western Front of the First World War, in particular from the three battles of ________.

Question 2: There are also sizable minorities speaking French, Berber, Turkish, ________, Spanish, Italian and Polish.
Modern Standard ArabicArabic languageAncient North ArabianEgyptian Arabic

Question 3: This covers the north of Belgium Flemish Region and includes the ________, the latter being shared with French speakers.

Question 4: French enjoys a limited official recognition in a dozen municipalities along the borders with French-speaking ________, and a large recognition in the bilingual Brussels Region.
BelgiumWalloniaWalloon Region (federal region)Liège

Question 5: The southern ________ mainly was Roman Catholic, in contrast to the mainly Protestant north; large parts of the southern bourgeoisie also primarily spoke French rather than Dutch.
Social classRuling classWorking classBourgeoisie

Question 6: Flanders was one of the first continental European areas to undergo the ________, in the 19th century.
Industrial RevolutionThomas HighsWilliam RadcliffeTextile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution

Question 7: The city of Lille manifests itself as "Flemish", for instance by the large ________ station Lille-Flandres.
TGVThalysEurostarBritish Rail Class 373

Question 8: The Dutch (as they later became known) had managed to reclaim enough of Spanish-controlled Flanders to close off the river ________, effectively cutting Antwerp off from its trade routes.
LilleScheldtDijleAntwerp (province)

Question 9: This changed upon the Count of Rouen's settlement with the King of France, which made a cession of western Flanders and eastern Armorica to the ________.
Cnut the GreatEnglandByzantine EmpireNormans

Question 10: He inherited the Seventeen Provinces (1506), Spain (1516) with its colonies and in 1519 was elected ________.
Byzantine EmpireGerman EmpireFranciaHoly Roman Empire


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