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Question 1: The term usually refers to the senior officers in a nation's navy or ________, specifically those who hold the rank of commodore or any of the admiral ranks.
Coast guardMalaysian Maritime Enforcement AgencyCanadian Coast GuardUnited States Coast Guard

Question 2: In the ________, there is a distinction between 'flag officer' and 'officer of flag rank'.
HMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Illustrious (R06)Royal NavyHMS Ocean (L12)

Question 3: ________ lists most admirals who were 'flag officers.'
List of air stations of the Royal NavyList of fleets and major commands of the Royal NavyList of Royal Navy shore establishmentsList of squadrons and flotillas of the Royal Navy

Question 4: [4] However, as a matter of ________, Title 10 of the United States Code makes a distinction between general officers and flag officers.
LawXeerShariaScots law

Question 5: A flag officer generally has an officer, called a flag lieutenant or a flag adjutant, attached to him as a personal adjutant (like an ________) regardless of any staff under his command.
Aide-de-campDistinguished Service OrderHereditary peerRoyal Victorian Order

Question 6: In United Kingdom usage, equivalent ranks in the ________ and Royal Marines are called general officers, and those in the Royal Air Force are called air officers
British Armed ForcesBritish ArmyTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)Royal Military Police

Question 7: During the ________, the Confederate States Navy also used the term.
TennesseeUnited StatesBleeding KansasAmerican Civil War

Question 8: A flag officer is a commissioned officer who is senior enough to be entitled to fly a ________ to represent where he exercises command.
Nordic Cross flagFlagFlags with crossesFlags whose reverse differs from the obverse

Question 9: However, it can apply to general officers in the US Army, ________ and US Marine Corps, as those officers are permitted to fly their own flags.
Civil Air PatrolAir Force Reserve CommandUnited States Air ForceAir National Guard

Question 10: In 1857, Congress created the title of 'flag officer' as an actual rank of the ________.
United States NavyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Coast GuardUnited States Marine Corps


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