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Flag of Slovenia: Quiz


Question 1: So the official recognition of the Carniolan white-blue-red tricolour instead of the traditional white-blue bicolour was seen as a major achievement by the ________ and it quickly became the symbol representing the idea of United Slovenia.
SlovenesIllyrian ProvincesSlovenske ┼żelezniceCarantania

Question 2: The colors of the flag were considered national colours before they were first arranged on a flag during the rise of ________ in Europe.
NationalismFascismAnti-nationalismLeft-wing nationalism

Question 3: In the interwar period, it was also used by the Slovenians of the ________ that were annexed to Italy, where it was prohibited and persecuted by the fascist regime.
Gorizia and GradiscaTriesteIstriaJulian March

Question 4: [3]) The ________ is a white, blue, and yellow horizontal tricolor[4].
British ensignEnsignUnion FlagMaritime flag

Question 5: In 2003, a campaign started to partially or completely alter the flag in order to enhance Slovenia's international recognition, and especially to differentiate it from ________ and its flag.
Czech RepublicHungaryPolandSlovakia

Question 6: In 1945 a red star was officially placed on the flag of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia, a constituent of the ________.
SerbiaJosip Broz TitoSocialist Federal Republic of YugoslaviaLeague of Communists of Yugoslavia

Question 7: Despite opposition from the local ________ it was subsequently recognized by the Austrian Government as the official flag of Carniola.
German ArgentineVolksdeutscheAfrikanerEthnic Germans

Question 8: The national flag of ________ features three equal horizontal bands of white (top), blue, and red, with the Slovenian coat of arms located in the upper hoist side of the flag centered in the white and blue bands.


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