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Flag of Montenegro: Quiz


Question 1: This flag was used until 1991 when the Red Star was removed, but the Montenegrin flag was identical to the other Republic of the ________, Serbia, so in 1993 the old flag from 1905 was returned, but differently sized.
Serbia and MontenegroMontenegroSerbsSocialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

Question 2: It is a red banner with broader golden edges all around the red field with the ________ in its center.
Coat of arms of BulgariaCoats of arms of EuropeCoat of arms of RussiaCoat of arms of Montenegro

Question 3: The Flag of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Застава Црне Горе / Zastava Crne Gore) was officially adopted with the Law on the state symbols and the statehood day of ________ on 13 July 2004 at the proposal of the Government of Montenegro.
MontenegroSerbiaBosnia and HerzegovinaCroatia

Question 4: The ruling coalition adopted it during the campaign for an independent ________, which was then a part of a state union with Serbia, having a tricolor similar to the Serbian one for its flag.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaCroatiaMontenegroAlbania

Question 5: It returned the traditional tricolor adding an ideological Communist ________ to its center.
RussiaCommunist symbolismRed starHammer and sickle


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