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Flag of Italy: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Flag of Italy have?
Made in Italy
King of the Ostrogoths in Italy
Head of Miss Italy beauty pageant

Question 2:
What type is thing is Flag of Italy?
Naval ensign
Naval Aviation Squadron
Naval Artillery
Naval reconnaissance seaplane

Question 3: This affair is commemorated in the opening of ________'s War and Peace.
Peter KropotkinMikhail BakuninLeo TolstoyNestor Makhno

Question 4: The standard is kept in the custody of the Commander of the Reggimento Corazzieri of the Arma dei ________, along with the war flag (assigned to Regiment in 1878).
Polizia di StatoItalian ArmyCarabinieriGuardia di Finanza

Question 5: The civil and state flag of the short-lived Nazi puppet state in northern Italy, the Repubblica Sociale Italiana (Italian Social Republic), or Republic of Salò as it was commonly known, was identical to the flag of the modern Repubblica Italiana (________).

Question 6: In 1805 Napoleon installed his sister, ________ Baciocchi, as Princess of Lucca and Piombino.
Caroline BonaparteElisa BonaparteLucien BonapartePauline Bonaparte

Question 7: 1848 - state flag of the ________ (and, from 1861, Italy), with Savoyan coat of arms.
Kingdom of SardiniaSicilyPiedmontKingdom of Italy (1861–1946)

Question 8: The Cispadane Republic and the Repubblica Transpadana (Transpadane Republic), which had itself been using a vertical Italian tricolour from 1796, merged into the Repubblica Cisalpina (________) and adopted the vertical square tricolour without badge in 1798.
Italian Republic (Napoleonic)Napoleonic WarsHelvetic RepublicCisalpine Republic

Question 9: Given the superficial similarities between the two flags, it may be surmised that the Italian flag formed the basis for the ________ differenced only in the coat of arms positioned over the white portion.
Flag of the United StatesFlag of MexicoFlag of CanadaFlag of Guatemala

Question 10: The current version is based on the square flag of the Napoleonic Italian Republic, on a field of blue, charged with the ________ in gold.
Unofficial emblem of TurkeyRoyal coat of arms of ScotlandRoyal coat of arms of the United KingdomCoat of arms


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