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Flag of Brazil: Quiz


Question 1: Triangulum Australe represents the three states of Southern Brazil; ________, Parana and Santa Catarina.
BahiaMaranhãoRio Grande do SulPorto Alegre

Question 2:
What is Flag of Brazil's nickname?
The Rock
Pond Settlement
"The Spanish Fly"

Question 3: In addition, state and local governments may decree official mourning with the death of a Mayor or ________.
AustraliaGovernorUnited StatesCanada

Question 4:
What type is thing is Flag of Brazil?
historic house museum National Historic Site of Canada
National public university
Specialized agency of the United Nations

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Flag of Brazil have?
Help Save The Youth Of America From Exploding
Final Fantasy IV Original Sound Version mix

Question 6: Scorpius, with the largest star depicting ________
Delta ScorpiiAntaresIota1 ScorpiiBeta Scorpii

Question 7: A blue circle is placed within the rhombus, with 27 white five-pointed stars of five different sizes arranged in the shapes of various constellations of the ________.
South AfricaMaldivesMozambiqueSouthern Hemisphere

Question 8: The number of stars changes with the creation of new states and, since the early days of the republic, has risen from an original 21 stars to the current 27, standing for the 26 states and the ________.
Brazilian Federal DistrictSão Paulo (state)GoiásMinas Gerais

Question 9: Barbosa's design, however, was the basis for the state flags of Goiás, Piauí and ________.

Question 10: On November 15, 1889, Marshal Deodoro da Fonseca, deposed Emperor Pedro II of Brazil and declared Brazil a republic, ending the ________ and establishing the República Velha (Old Republic).
Portuguese EmpireRussian EmpireEmpire of BrazilSpanish Empire


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