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Flag carrier: Quiz


Question 1: Flag carriers may be known as such due to maritime law requiring all aircraft or ships to display the state ________ of the country of their registry.
Nordic Cross flagFlagFlags with crossesFlags whose reverse differs from the obverse

Question 2: In recent decades, however, many of these airlines have since been corporatised as a ________ or a state-owned enterprise, or completely privatised.
Government-owned corporationStatutory corporationGovernment agencyPublic company

Question 3: They may be state-run, ________ or state-designated companies or organisations with preferential rights or privileges accorded by the government.
Public ownershipPublic sectorGovernment-owned corporationPrivatization

Question 4: A flag carrier refers to a transportation company, such as an ________ or shipping company, that is locally registered in a given country.
AirlineAmerican AirlinesContinental AirlinesNorthwest Airlines

Question 5: The term "flag carrier" is a legacy of the time when ________ established state-owned airline companies.
EnglandScotlandUnited KingdomCountry

Question 6: The aviation industry has also been gradually deregulated, particularly in the United States and in the ________.
European ParliamentEuropean UnionDenmarkGermany


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