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Five Megillot: Quiz


Question 1: The Song of Songs (Hebrew: Shir ha-Shirim; שיר השירים) is read publicly in some communities, especially by Ashkenazim, on the Sabbath of ________.
PassoverJewish holidayThe Nine DaysShabbat

Question 2: The practice to read the other three books on the Three Pilgrimage Festivals is widespread but by no means universal: To read them is a venerable custom among ________ Jews, but many Sephardic Jews do not associate the three books with the three festivals.
Sephardi JewsJewish ethnic divisionsAshkenazi JewsAntisemitism

Question 3: This ________ was compiled on the Pentateuch and on the Five Scrolls.
MidrashTalmudBibleRabbinic literature

Question 4: ________ (רות) is read in some communities, especially by Ashkenazim, before the reading of the Torah on the morning of Shavuot.
PsalmsBook of EstherBook of RuthBooks of Chronicles

Question 5: Book of Lamentations (Hebrew: Eikhah or Kinnot; איכה) is read on the ________ in all Jewish communities.
The Three WeeksYom KippurJewish holidayTisha B'Av

Question 6: The Five Scrolls or The Five Megillot (Hebrew: חמש מגילות‎, Hamesh Megillot or Chomeish Megillôs) are parts of the third major section of the ________ (Tanakh), which is Ketuvim ("The Writings").
Deuterocanonical booksBiblical canonHebrew BibleOld Testament

Question 7: When read in the synagogue, these five books are sung with ________ (see below).
Sephardi Hebrew pronunciationHebrew alphabetCantillationHebrew language

Question 8: As indicated above, however, only two of the megillot are traditionally read in all Jewish communities, namely: Esther on Purim and Lamentations on the ________.
The Three WeeksTisha B'AvYom KippurJewish holiday

Question 9: But certain communities adopted the custom of the ________ to recite blessings before the other four megillot (besides Esther) as well.
Vilna GaonOrthodox JudaismHalakhaKabbalah

Question 10: ________ (Hebrew: Kohelet; קהלת) is read publicly in some communities, especially by Ashkenazim, on the Sabbath of Sukkot.
EcclesiastesBibleDeuterocanonical booksPsalms


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