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Fitna (word): Quiz


Question 1: The fitna has been the ________' obsessive fear for as long as Islam has existed."
Islamic Golden AgeShariaUlemaFiqh

Question 2: It is often used to refer to civil war, disagreement and division within Islam and specifically alludes to a time involving trials of faith, similar to the Tribulation in ________ eschatology.
Catholic ChurchChristianityJesusChristian

Question 3: The Second Fitna, or Second Islamic civil war, is usually identified as the 683–685 AD conflict among the ________ for control of the caliphate.
Fatimid CaliphateRashidun CaliphateUmayyad CaliphateAbbasid Caliphate

Question 4: ________ returning like a boomerang weakens the community from within.
Islamic terrorismIslamismIslamJihad


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