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Question 1: Tuna purse seiners - are large purse seiners, normally over 45 meters, equipped to handle large and heavy purse seines for ________.
Northern bluefin tunaWild fisheriesTunaYellowfin tuna

Question 2: They were designed to be carried on mother ships and used for fishing ________ at the Grand Banks.
SillaginidaeCodAtlantic codWild fisheries

Question 3: According to the ________, at the end of 2004, the world fishing fleet consisted of about 4 million vessels, of which 2.7 million were undecked (open) boats.
CyprusFood and Agriculture OrganizationAzerbaijanUniversal Postal Union

Question 4: An example is the Crete, in use at Cataline Island, ________, in 1915, and shipped to Hawaii the following year.
Sacramento, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaLos AngelesCalifornia

Question 5: Some feature rigid frames derived from the ________ industry.
EcotourismAgritourismRaftingBackpacking (wilderness)

Question 6: They were used mainly for ________ and hunting.
FishingWild fisheriesFishing industryFishing techniques

Question 7: The ________ compiles these figures largely from national registers.
Universal Postal UnionFood and Agriculture OrganizationAzerbaijanCyprus

Question 8: Fishing vessels ________ Encyclopedia.
Crime & Investigation Network (South East Asia)History (South East Asian TV channel)History (TV channel)The Biography Channel

Question 9: With properly designed vessels, trolling is an economical and efficient way of catching ________, mackerel and other pelagic fish swimming close to the surface.
Wild fisheriesTunaNorthern bluefin tunaYellowfin tuna

Question 10: During the 17th century, the British developed the dogger, an early type of sailing trawler or longliner, which commonly operated in the ________.
North SeaAtlantic OceanEnglish ChannelBaltic Sea


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