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Question 1: The majority of trawlers operating on the ________ are freezer trawlers.
Mediterranean SeaArctic OceanPacific OceanInternational waters

Question 2: Peterhead has seen a significant decline in the number of vessels and the value of fish landed has been reduced due to several decades of ________ which in turn has reduced fishing quotas.
Sustainable fisheriesFisheries managementOverfishingWild fisheries

Question 3: Factory trawlers may process ________ and fish meal and may include canning plants.
Linseed oilSeafoodFish productsFish oil

Question 4: During the ________, some countries fitted fishing trawlers with additional electronic gear so they could be used as spy ships to monitor the activities of other countries.
Vietnam WarJoseph StalinCold WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 5: Navigational instruments, such as an autopilot and ________, are used for manoeuvering the vessel in harbour and at sea.
CompassInertial navigation systemF-15 EagleGlobal Positioning System

Question 6: In the Middle Ages, ________ was a fishing port, and at one time it was the greatest in England.
BrixhamAxminsterPaigntonDartmouth, Devon

Question 7: Motorised winches, electronic navigation and ________ systems are usually installed.
Marine mammals and sonarUnderwater acousticsSonarEcho sounding

Question 8: Outrigger trawlers use outriggers, or booms, to tow the ________.
Bottom trawlingMidwater trawlingTrawlingCommercial fishing

Question 9: Communication instruments range from basic radio devices to maritime distress systems and ________, as well as devices for communicating with the crew.
Cospas-SarsatElectric beaconDistress radiobeaconGlobal Positioning System

Question 10: They are medium sized and high powered vessels, towing gear at speeds up to 8 ________.
KnotBight (knot)Constrictor knotTwo half-hitches


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