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Question 1: Common natural baits include worms, leeches, minnows, ________, salamanders, and insects.
Poison dart frogTrue toadFrogMicrohylidae

Question 2: The common ________ is a universal bait for fresh water angling.

Question 3: ________ is an excellent bait for trout, salmon and many other fresh water fish.
Forage fishRoeShoaling and schoolingRough fish

Question 4: In lakes in southern climates such as ________, USA, fish such as bream will take bread bait.
MassachusettsNew JerseyNorth CarolinaFlorida

Question 5: The capture, transportation and culture of bait fish can spread damaging organisms between ________, endangering them.
EcosystemEcologyEcosystem ecologySystems ecology

Question 6: Fishing bait is any substance used to attract and catch ________, e.g.
FishPelagic fishFish anatomyForage fish

Question 7: [2] Because of the risk of transmitting ________ (whirling disease), trout and salmon should not be used as bait.
Fish diseases and parasitesKudoa thyrsitesMyxobolus cerebralisSea louse

Question 8: The lure may require a specialised presentation to impart an enticing action as, for example, in ________.
Artificial flySpey castingFly tyingFly fishing

Question 9: on the end of a ________, or inside a fish trap.
Quiver tipOriginal FloaterFish hookBait fish

Question 10: Traditionally, nightcrawlers, ________, and smaller fish have been used for this purpose.


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