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Question 1: The ________ people of ancient Peru depicted fisherman in their ceramics.
Pre-Columbian eraMocheInca EmpireNorte Chico civilization

Question 2: Increased demands on wild fisheries by commercial fishing has caused widespread ________.
OverfishingSustainable fisheriesFisheries managementCod fisheries

Question 3: Fishing techniques include hand gathering, spearfishing, netting, ________ and trapping.
Coarse fishingRough fishAnglingGame fish

Question 4: long line and handline), lift nets, ________, entangling nets and traps.
Fishing netDrift nettingFishing techniquesGillnet

Question 5: [11] The commercial activity is aimed at the delivery of ________ and other seafood products for human consumption or as input factors in other industrial processes.
Forage fishPelagic fishFish anatomyFish

Question 6: There is a growing gap between how many fish are available to be caught and humanity’s desire to catch them, a problem that gets worse as the ________ grows.
World populationOverpopulationPopulation growthFood security

Question 7: Fishing is an ancient practice that dates back at least to the ________ period which began about 40,000 years ago.
Paleolithic religionPaleolithicMiddle PaleolithicStone Age

Question 8: Some of these species are herring, cod, ________, tuna, flounder, mullet, squid, shrimp, salmon, crab, lobster, oyster and scallops.
Orange roughyRainbow troutAnchovyCatfish

Question 9: [7] The ________ had implements and methods for fishing and these are illustrated in tomb scenes, drawings, and papyrus documents.
Ancient EgyptCairoCoptEgyptians

Question 10: Their seaport ________ was known for deep sea pearl fishing.
KollamNagapatnamThoothukudiKochi, India


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