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Question 1: Some activities generate both mitigation and adaptation benefits, for example, the restoration of ________ forests can protect shorelines from erosion and provide breeding grounds for fish while also sequestering carbon.
Deserts and xeric shrublandsMontane grasslands and shrublandsNeotropic ecozoneMangrove

Question 2: Consequently removal of subsidies on fuel for fishing can have a double benefit by reducing emissions and promoting ________.
Sustainable fisheriesWild fisheriesFisheries managementOverfishing

Question 3: This in turn limits the growth of ________ in favour of smaller phytoplankton that are poorer biological pumps of carbon.

Question 4: Rising ocean temperatures[2] and ocean acidification[3] are radically altering ________.
Lotic ecosystemBenthosAquatic ecosystemLentic ecosystem

Question 5: Rising ocean temperatures and ocean ________ means that the capacity of the ocean carbon sink will gradually get weaker,[6] giving rise to global concerns expressed in the Monaco[7] and Manado[8] Declarations.
Global dimmingCarbon cycleOcean acidificationOzone depletion

Question 6: Low-lying countries such as the ________[17] and Tuvalu are particularly vulnerable and entire communities may become the first climate refugees.
PhilippinesCyprusEast TimorMaldives

Question 7: Changing rainfall patterns and water scarcity is impacting on river and lake fisheries and ________ production.
Shrimp farmIntegrated Multi-Trophic AquacultureAquacultureWild fisheries

Question 8: ________ (2009) Climate change implications for fisheries and aquaculture. Overview of current scientific knowledge Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper 530, Rome.
CyprusAzerbaijanUniversal Postal UnionFood and Agriculture Organization

Question 9: ________ is modifying fish distribution[4] and the productivity of marine and freshwater species.
Current sea level riseClimate changeLittle Ice AgeMilankovitch cycles

Question 10: This has impacts on the sustainability of fisheries and ________, on the livelihoods of the communities that depend on fisheries, and on the ability of the oceans to capture and store carbon (biological pump).
AquacultureShrimp farmWild fisheriesIntegrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture


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