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Question 1: [5] What is known about fish disease often relates to aquaria fish, and more recently, to ________.
Shrimp farmFish farmingAquacultureIntegrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

Question 2: [31] Because of the risk of transmitting ________ (whirling disease), trout and salmon should not be used as bait.
Kudoa thyrsitesFish diseases and parasitesSea louseMyxobolus cerebralis

Question 3: If the cost is sufficiently high, then the impacts can be characterised as a ________.

Question 4: ________ in fish are a natural occurrence and common.
ParasitismDirofilaria immitisToxoplasmosisCat

Question 5: Traditionally, fish that live all or part of their lives in fresh water were considered unsuitable for sashimi due to the possibility of parasites (see ________ article).
Horse meatSea urchinSashimiSushi

Question 6: The capture, transportation and culture of bait fish can spread damaging organisms between ________, endangering them.
EcologyEcosystem ecologyEcosystemSystems ecology

Question 7: Ornamental fish kept in ________ are susceptible to numerous diseases.
AquariumFishkeepingFreshwater aquariumMarine aquarium

Question 8: ________, a Gram-positive, sphere-shaped bacteria caused losses in farmed marine and freshwater finfish of US$100 million in 1997.
Streptococcus iniaePathogenic bacteriaStaphylococcus aureusMethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Question 9: Though not a health concern in thoroughly cooked fish, parasites are a concern when human consumers eat raw or lightly preserved fish such as ________, sushi, ceviche, and gravlax.
Horse meatSea urchinSalmonSashimi

Question 10: It is caused by the ambush predator ________ Pfiesteria piscicida.


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