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Question 1: In 1992, ________ was one of the first to feature texture mapped environments, polygonal objects, and basic lighting.
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssUltima VI: The False ProphetUltima (series)Ultima VII

Question 2: Spasim had a documented debut at the ________ in 1974.
University of Illinois at ChicagoNorthern Illinois UniversityUniversity of Illinois systemNorthwestern University

Question 3: The engine was later enhanced for usage in the game ________.
System Shock 2System ShockThief: The Dark ProjectUltima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

Question 4: The game was a rudimentary space ________, which featured a first-person perspective.
AirlineBoeingFlight simulatorBoeing 747

Question 5: Many different genres have made use of first-person perspectives, ranging from ________ to flight simulators.
Interactive fictionVisual novelGraphic adventure gameAdventure game

Question 6: In early 1991, Data East released Silent Debuggers for the ________.
Mega DriveSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemMega-CDTurboGrafx-16

Question 7: Graphically, Spasim lacked even hidden line removal, but did feature online multiplayer over the worldwide university-based ________.
Control Data CorporationMUDPLATO (computer system)Computer role-playing game

Question 8: Later in 1992, id improved the technology used in Catacomb 3D by adding support for ________ graphics in Wolfenstein 3D.
Video Graphics ArrayDigital Visual InterfaceHDMID-subminiature

Question 9: ________
2.5DVector gameFull motion video based gameFirst-person shooter engine

Question 10: Perhaps the most notable genre to make use of this device is the ________, where the graphical perspective has an immense impact on game play.
First-person shooterAction gameLight gun shooterPlatform game


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