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First Persian invasion of Greece: Quiz


Question 1: [97] The phalanx formation was still vulnerable to cavalry (the cause of much caution by the Greek forces at the ________), but used in the right circumstances, it was now shown to be a potentially devastating weapon.
Greco-Persian WarsBattle of PlataeaSecond Persian invasion of GreeceBattle of Mycale

Question 2: The involvement of Athens in the Ionian Revolt arose from a complex set of circumstances, beginning with the establishment of the ________ in the late 6th century BC.
Athenian democracyDemosthenesPericlesClassical Athens

Question 3: The Persian naval victory at the ________ (494 BC) all but ended the Ionian Revolt, and by 493 BC, the last hold-outs were vanquished by the Persian fleet.
Greco-Persian WarsFirst Persian invasion of GreeceSiege of Naxos (499 BC)Battle of Lade

Question 4: The first Persian invasion of Greece, during the Greco-Persian Wars, began in 492 BC, and ended with the decisive Athenian victory at the ________ in 490 BC.
First Persian invasion of GreeceBattle of MarathonSecond Persian invasion of GreeceBattle of Thermopylae

Question 5: The first Persian invasion of Greece had its immediate roots in the Ionian Revolt, the earliest phase of the ________.
Alexander the GreatAncient GreeceGreco-Persian WarsAncient Greek warfare

Question 6: [2][95] John Stuart Mill's famous opinion was that "the Battle of Marathon, even as an event in British history, is more important than the ________".
Silverhill, East SussexBulverhytheNorman conquest of EnglandBattle of Hastings

Question 7: According to Herodotus, the fleet sent by Darius consisted of 600 ________.
Ancient GreeceGreco-Persian WarsTriremeThemistocles

Question 8: [90] This expedition was finally ready by 480 BC, and the ________ thereby began, under the command of Xerxes himself.
First Persian invasion of GreeceSecond Persian invasion of GreeceGreco-Persian WarsThemistocles

Question 9: He received it from almost all of them, excepting Athens and ________, both of whom executed the ambassadors.
SpartaAncient GreeceClassical AthensAncient Greek warfare

Question 10: [42] Cleomenes responded by having Demaratus declared illegitimate, with the help of the priests at ________ (whom he bribed); Demaratus was replaced by his cousin Leotychides.
EpidaurusAthensDelphiOlympia, Greece


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