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First Jewish–Roman War: Quiz


Question 1:
Where did First JewishRoman War take place?

Question 2: According to ________, when the Romans finally broke through the walls of this citadel in 73, they discovered that the 967 defenders had all committed suicide, preferring death over defeat.
JesusFirst Jewish–Roman WarHerod the GreatJosephus

Question 3:
Which of the following was a combatant in the First JewishRoman War?

Question 4:
What was First JewishRoman War a part of?
the Black Hawk War
the American Civil War
the Jewish-Roman wars
Ridda wars and

Question 5:
When was the First JewishRoman War?
731 CE
194 CE
66u201373 CE
Spring 193 CE

Question 6:
Who was a commander in the First JewishRoman War?

Question 7: Before Vespasian's departure, the Pharisaic sage and ________ Yohanan ben Zakkai obtained his permission to establish a Judaic school at Yavne.
Orthodox JudaismJewsConservative JudaismRabbi

Question 8: The ________, the praetorian guard and several prominent army commanders conspired for his removal.
Roman SenateRoman MagistratesAncient RomeRoman Kingdom

Question 9: Emperor ________ appointed general Vespasian instead of Gallus to crush the rebellion.

Question 10: Fielding more than 60,000 soldiers, Vespasian began operations by subjugating the ________[3].
GalileeBeit She'anNazarethTiberias

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