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Question 1: One operated 12 x 6 Katyusha rockets[50] China and the ________ were the first nations to recognize North Vietnam.
RussiaSoviet UnionEast GermanyJoseph Stalin

Question 2:
Where did First Indochina War take place?
French Indochina, mainly North Vietnam
off Algiers, French Algeria, Mediterranean Sea
French Indochina
The former French colonial du00E9partement of Saoura

Question 3: With the fall of the short lived Japanese colony of the ________, the Provisional Government of the French Republic wanted to restore its colonial rule in French Indochina as the final step of the Liberation of France.
First Indochina WarEmpire of VietnamNguyễn DynastyTran Trong Kim

Question 4: He spent many years in Moscow and participated in the International ________.
MarxismCominternLeft communismCommunism

Question 5: The 1946 Constitution creating the Fourth Republic (1946–1958) made France a ________.
Federal republicMilitary dictatorshipParliamentary republicFederation

Question 6:
Who was a commander in the First Indochina War?
Vo Nguyen Giap
Nguyen Van Tien
Nguyen Khoa Nam
Nguyen Co

Question 7: The ________ broke out in 1950 between communist North Korea (DPRK) supported by China and the Soviet Union, and South Korea (ROK) supported by the United States and its allies in the United Nations.
Korean WarCold WarSino-Soviet border conflictVietnam War

Question 8: Hence, France had fourteen prime ministers in succession between the creation of the Fourth Republic in 1947 and the ________ in 1954.
First Indochina WarFrench IndochinaFrance–Vietnam relationsBattle of Dien Bien Phu

Question 9:
What was First Indochina War a part of?
the American Civil War
the Indochina Wars, Cold War
the Byzantine-Arab Wars
the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971

Question 10: In March 1945, Japan launched the Second French Indochina Campaign and ousted the Vichy French and formally installed Emperor Bảo Đại in the short-lived ________.
First Indochina WarTran Trong KimNguyễn DynastyEmpire of Vietnam

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