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First Great Awakening: Quiz


Question 1: In the Middle and Southern colonies, especially in the "Backcountry" regions, the Awakening was influential among ________.
ChristianityPresbyterianismProtestantismCovenant theology

Question 2: The issue of religious freedom was incorporated into the new constitution by ________, who as a young lawyer had defended some early Baptist preachers.
Alexander HamiltonThomas JeffersonJames MadisonJames Monroe

Question 3: In Virginia, the existence of Baptist preachers challenged the established ________.
Episcopal Church (United States)CatholicismAnglican CommunionAnglicanism

Question 4: Before the ________, the first black Baptist churches were founded in the South in Virginia, South Carolina and Georgia; in Petersburg, Virginia, two black Baptist churches were founded.
American RevolutionUnited StatesUnited States ConstitutionMassachusetts

Question 5: The first new ________ worship building in Massachusetts in the Great Awakening period of 1730–1760, was at the newly incorporated town of Uxbridge[1].
ChristianityChristian denominationCongregational churchProtestantism

Question 6: Young Baptist preachers were arrested and tried in Fredericksburg before the ________.
Karl MarxPolitical philosophyRevolutionAnarchism

Question 7: In the southern Tidewater and Low Country, northern ________ and Methodist preachers converted both whites and blacks, enslaved and free.
Christian denominationBaptistEcumenismChristianity

Question 8: The arrival of the young Anglican preacher ________ probably sparked the religious conflagration.
MethodismGeorge WhitefieldJohn WesleyThomas Coke (bishop)


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