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Question 1:
What is the legislature of First French Empire called?

Question 2: On 6 August 1806 he forced the Habsburgs, left with only the crown of Austria, to abdicate their title of ________, ending a political power which had endured for over a thousand years.
Charles V, Holy Roman EmperorHoly Roman EmpireHoly Roman EmperorLouis IV, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 3:
What is the native name for First French Empire
Empire Franu00E7ais
Territoire franu00E7ais des Afars et des Issas
Parlement franu00E7ais
Togoland franu00E7ais

Question 4: He dampened opposition and ________ enthusiasm, using exile, systematic bureaucratic oppression, and constitutional means.

Question 5:
What type of government does First French Empire have?
Rajahnate monarchy
Absolute monarchy before 1889
Constitutional Monarchy
Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy

Question 6: Subsequent years of military victories known collectively as the ________ extended French influence over much of Western Europe and into Poland.
Napoleon IFirst French EmpireGrande ArméeNapoleonic Wars

Question 7: [4] Early French victories exported many ideological features of the ________ throughout Europe.
French RevolutionNational ConventionFrench DirectoryNational Constituent Assembly

Question 8:
What is Napoleon I also known as?
Napoleon I Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, King of Italy
Plummer, Arthur Christopher Orme
Nilsson, Anna Quirentia
Ethelbald; Aethelbald

Question 9: Eugene de Beauharnais, Napoleon's stepson, was transferred to ________, and Murat watched until the time should come to take him to Russia and install him as King of Poland.
StuttgartFrankfurt am MainDarmstadtKassel

Question 10:
Where does First French Empire come from?
Central African Republic
United States


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