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First Council of Ephesus: Quiz


Question 1: Nestorianism emphasized the dual natures of ________.
New TestamentGospelJesusChrist

Question 2: The Pope agreed and gave Cyril his authority to serve a notice to Nestorius to recant his views or else be ________.
ShunningBishopNew TestamentExcommunication

Question 3: Canon 8 condemned interference by the Bishop in affairs of the Church in ________ and decreed generally, so that no bishop was to "assume control of any province which has not heretofore, from the very beginning, been under his own hand or that of his predecessors ...

Question 4: Canon 1-5 condemned ________ and Caelestius and their followers as heretics
NestorianismNestorian SchismNestoriusOriental Orthodoxy

Question 5: The council was called due to the contentious teachings of ________, bishop of Constantinople.
NestorianismNestorian SchismOriental OrthodoxyNestorius

Question 6: On the contrary, Ephesus is rejected by the ________.
Syriac ChristianityAssyrian Church of the EastSaint Thomas ChristiansSyriac Orthodox Church

Question 7: The First Council of Ephesus was held in 431 at the Church of Mary in ________, Asia Minor.

Question 8: Consequently, Mary should be called Christotokos, Greek for the "birth giver of Christ" and not ________, Greek for the "birth giver of God".
Roman Catholic MariologyTheotokosBlessed Virgin MaryBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)

Question 9: Before the summons arrived, Nestorius convinced the Emperor ________ to hold a General council, a platform to argue their opposing views.
MarcianTheodosius IIPulcheriaJustinian I

Question 10: To solve that he taught that ________ gave birth to the incarnate Christ, not the divine Logos who existed before Mary and indeed before time itself.
Saint JosephBiblical MagiGabrielMary (mother of Jesus)


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