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First-person narrative: Quiz


Question 1: ________ discusses his concerns about "the romantic privilege of the 'first person'" in his preface to The Ambassadors, calling it "the darkest abyss of romance."[1][2]
Henry JamesEnglish literatureThomas HardyNew York Edition

Question 2: The whole of the narrative can itself be presented as a ________, such as a diary, in which the narrator makes explicit reference to the fact that he is writing or telling a story.
Fictional bookJorge Luis BorgesFalse documentNovel

Question 3: This is the case in ________'s Dracula.
Abraham Van HelsingAbbott and Costello Meet FrankensteinDracula: Dead and Loving ItBram Stoker

Question 4: First-person narrative is a ________ where a story is narrated by only one character at a time, who explicitly refers to him- or herself using words and phrases involving "I" (referred to as the first-person singular) and/or "we" (the first-person plural).
Literary techniqueNarrative modeNovelShort story

Question 5: First-person narrative can tend towards a stream of consciousness, as in Marcel Proust's ________.
In Search of Lost TimeAlbertine disparueHarold PinterNovel

Question 6: One traditional approach in this form of fiction is for the main detective's principal assistant, the "Watson", to be the narrator: this derives from the character of Dr Watson in Conan Doyle's ________ stories.
Inspector LestradeNon-canonical Sherlock Holmes worksSherlock HolmesProfessor Moriarty

Question 7: For this reason, first-person narrative is often used for ________, so that the reader and narrator uncover the case together.
Mystery filmLocked room mysteryCrime fictionDetective fiction

Question 8: First-person narrators can also be multiple, as in Ryūnosuke Akutagawa's ________ (the source for the movie Rashomon) and Faulkner's novel The Sound and the Fury.
Autumn MountainIn a GroveRashōmon (short story)Akutagawa Prize

Question 9: In extreme cases, a ________ presents the narrator as a character in an outside story who begins to tell his own story.
FableOne Thousand and One NightsFrame storyStory within a story


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