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Question 1: Additionally, real Lambdas (see ________) have no language support in the latest C++ standard (although they are included in the working draft of C++0x).
Programming languageFunctional programmingMathematical logicLambda calculus

Question 2: JavaScript supports both first class functions and ________.
Closure (computer science)Scope (programming)Variable (programming)Lisp (programming language)

Question 3: This concept doesn't cover any means external to the language and program (metaprogramming), such as invoking a ________ or an eval function to create a new function.
Compiler optimizationCompilerProgramming languageAssembly language

Question 4: In ________, a programming language is said to support first-class functions[1] (also called function literals, function types) if it treats functions as first-class objects.
Programming paradigmComputer programmingComputer scienceSoftware engineering

Question 5: These features are a necessity for the ________ style, in which (for instance) the use of higher-order functions is a standard practice.
Programming paradigmImperative programmingDeclarative programmingFunctional programming

Question 6: Besides the usual case of programming functions, type theory also uses first-class functions to model ________ and similar data structures.
Set (computer science)Associative arrayUnion (computer science)List (computing)

Question 7: In ________, the type of functions accepting values of type A and returning values of type B may be written as AB or BA.
QuantificationFirst-order logicType theoryMathematical logic

Question 8: In the ________, function types are related to logical implication; lambda abstraction corresponds to discharging hypothetical assumptions and function application corresponds to the modus ponens inference rule.
Functional programmingType theoryIntuitionistic logicCurry–Howard correspondence


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