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Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Firestorm (comics) have?
Firestorm: The Nuclear Man
Nuclear Technology
Nuclear Kiss
Firestorm, The Nuclear Man

Question 2:
What format does Firestorm (comics) follow?
Independently Produced TV Series
Current affairs comedy series
Reality TV series

Question 3:

Question 4:
When was the Firestorm (comics)?
March 1978
February 2009

Question 5:
What type is thing is Firestorm (comics)?

Question 6: Firestorm is the name of three fictional comic book superheroes published by ________.
DC ComicsBatmanSupermanVertigo (DC Comics)

Question 7: The ________ explained in the latter issue that he examined the new Firestorm's mind telepathically for any trace of Raymond, but could not find any, which would have seemed to indicate that Raymond was indeed gone.
Martian ManhunterAquamanJustice LeagueSuperman

Question 8: 1 #1 (March 1978), and was created by ________ and Al Milgrom.
Gerry ConwayRoss AndruPunisherJohn Romita, Sr.

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