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Question 1: According to Parsi legend, when (over a thousand years ago) one group of refugees from ________ landed in Western Gujarat, they had the ash of such a fire with them.
Sassanid EmpireGreater KhorasanAfghanistanIran

Question 2: For, one "who sacrifices unto fire with fuel in his hand [...], is given happiness" (________ 62.1; Nyashes 5.7)

Question 3: Iranshah Atash Behram in ________, India.
UdvadaParsiFire templeZoroastrianism

Question 4: Wadia Atash Behram in ________, India.
Salsette IslandNavi MumbaiMumbaiNariman Point

Question 5: Apart from (relatively) minor fire temples, three were said to derive directly from ________, thus making them the most important in Zoroastrian tradition.
Ahura MazdaMithraHaurvatatAmeretat

Question 6: Yezd Atash Behram in ________, Iran.

Question 7: A fire temple in ________ is the place of worship for Zoroastrians.

Question 8: The latter is the ________ word for 'house of fire' (Kotwal, 1974:665) and thus a literal translation of atashkada.
Gujarati languagePunjabi languageBengali languageSanskrit

Question 9: This ash, it is said, served as the bed for the fire today at ________.
ParsiUdvadaZoroastrianismFire temple

Question 10: Zoroastrianism / Mazdaism
aša (asha) / arta
Ahura MazdaAmeretatHaurvatatMithra


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