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Fire retardant: Quiz


Question 1: When heated, it dehydrates to form ________ (alumina, Al2O3), releasing water vapor in the process.
Aluminium chlorideAluminium oxideAluminium hydroxideAluminium

Question 2: Fire retardants applied to ________ are usually a mixture of water and chemicals designed to wet the area as well as chemically retard a fire's progression through vegetation.
Wildfire suppressionWildfireHotshot crewFire lookout tower

Question 3: Forest fire retardants that are used are generally considered ________,[15] but even less-toxic compounds carry some risk when organisms are exposed to large amounts.
PoisonToxicityLead poisoningMercury poisoning

Question 4: In general, fire retardants reduce the flammability of materials by either blocking the fire physically or by initiating a ________ that stops the fire.
ChemistryChemical reactionNitrogenHydrogen

Question 5: There are several ways in which the ________ process can be retarded by physical action:
CombustionOxygenFireInternal combustion engine

Question 6: Although this allows some materials to pass certain flammability tests, there is argument over if the fire safety is truly improved by the production of flammable ________ droplets.
PolystyrenePolycarbonatePlasticPolyvinyl chloride

Question 7: Some fire retardants contain chemicals that are potentially dangerous to the environment, such as ________'s.
Polybrominated diphenyl ethersPolychlorinated biphenylPlasticPolycarbonate

Question 8: List of wildfires
SmokejumperHelitackWildfire suppressionGlossary of wildfire terms

Question 9: This reaction absorbs a great deal of ________, cooling the material over which it is coated.
HeatTemperatureEnergyInternal energy

Question 10: Generally, fire retardants are dropped from aircraft or applied by ground crews around a ________'s edges in an effort to contain its spread.
WildfireHotshot crewWildfire suppressionFire lookout tower


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