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Question 1: Additionally, residents who wish to use the hydrant to fill their in-ground ________ are commonly permitted to do so provided they pay for the water and agree to allow firefighters to draft from their pool in the case of an emergency.
Swimming poolUnited StatesAustraliaOlympic Games

Question 2: After the ________ in 1666, the city installed water mains with holes drilled at intervals, equipped with risers, allowing an access point to the wooden fire plugs from street level.
Great Fire of LondonCity of LondonHistory of LondonTower of London

Question 3: This was a time when firefighters responding to a call would dig down to the wooden ________ and hastily bore a hole to secure water to fight fires.
Water resourcesTap waterWater supply networkWater purification

Question 4: Numerous wooden cased fire hydrant designs existed prior to the development of the familiar ________ hydrant.
Cast ironSteelWrought ironAlloy steel

Question 5: This hose can be further attached to a fire engine, which can then use a powerful ________ to boost the water pressure and possibly split it into multiple streams.
TurbineBernoulli's principleGas compressorPump

Question 6: When a ________ is operating a hydrant, appropriate Personal protective equipment, such as gloves and a helmet with face shield, are typically worn.
Fire apparatusFirefightingFirefighting worldwideFirefighter

Question 7: Care should be taken not to open or close a fire hydrant too quickly, as this can create a ________ which can damage nearby pipes and equipment.
Water hammerCavitationValveFluid dynamics

Question 8: Private hydrants are usually located on larger properties to adequately protect large buildings in case of a fire and in order to comply with the ________.
Firewall (construction)Fire safetyFire protectionPassive fire protection

Question 9: In ________ areas tall narrow posts painted with visible colours such as red are attached to the hydrants to allow them to be located during heavy snowfall periods.
United States Census BureauAustraliaRural areaUnited States

Question 10: In ________, Hydrant signage varies, with several types displayed across the country.
BarbadosAustraliaCanadaUnited Kingdom


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