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Fiqh: Quiz


Question 1: Fiqh (Arabic: فقه‎, IPA: [fɪqəh]) is ________ jurisprudence.
MosqueIslamic schools and branchesMuslim historyIslam

Question 2: Shafi'i (________, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Egypt, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Yemen and southern parts of India)
AsiaWestern AsiaMiddle EastArabian Peninsula

Question 3: The ________ schools (and where they are commonly found) are
RashidunIslamic schools and branchesAliSunni Islam

Question 4: ________ (North Africa, the Muslim areas of West Africa, and several of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf)
ShariaIslamic schools and branchesFiqhMaliki

Question 5: Hawala itself later influenced the development of the agency in ________ and in civil laws such as the aval in French law and the avallo in Italian law.
LawyerShariaCommon lawReception statute

Question 6: There are different approaches to the methodology used in fiqh to derive ________ from the Islamic sources.
Islamic ethicsIslamic schools and branchesMuslim worldSharia

Question 7: Mizan—a comprehensive treatise on the contents of Islam written by ________
Abul Ala MaududiUbaidullah SindhiJaved Ahmad GhamidiIsrar Ahmed

Question 8: [7] The methodology of legal precedent and reasoning by ________ (Qiyas) are also similar in both the Islamic and common law systems.

Question 9: The Hanafi school was the earliest established under the jurist Imam ________, who was born and taught in Iraq.
Ja'far al-SadiqMu'taziliIslamic philosophyAbū Ḥanīfa

Question 10: The Waqf in Islamic law, which developed during the 7th–9th centuries, bears a notable resemblance to the trusts in the English ________.
Common lawWill (law)Trusts and estatesTrust law


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