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Question 1: Lenin tried to prevent disintegration of Russia via the policy of right of nations to ________, mainly due to the military weakness of Bolshevist Russia.
Self-determinationDecolonizationUnited StatesSpain

Question 2: Russia lost Finland, the Baltic countries, ________ and Ukraine from its western territory; in the end, the economical and political investments on V.I.

Question 3: The conflict caused a collapse of the Russian Empire, mainly in the ________ and the October Revolution during 1917.
Vladimir LeninFebruary RevolutionRussian Revolution (1917)Russian Provisional Government

Question 4: The February and ________ in 1917 in Russia led to the empire's defeat in World War I and its total collapse.
October RevolutionRussian Civil WarRussian Provisional GovernmentVladimir Lenin

Question 5: The Reds were supported by Russian Soviet Republic, while the Whites received military assistance from the ________.
German colonial empireHoly Roman EmpireAustria–HungaryGerman Empire

Question 6: The first local elections based on ________ in the history of Finland were held during 17–28 December 1918, and the first parliamentary election after the Civil War on 3 March 1919.
Women's suffrageRacismUniversal suffrageSlavery

Question 7: The war of 1918 ended on 15 May, when the Whites took over Ino, a Russian coastal artillery base on the ________, from the Russian troops.
Continuation WarViipuri ProvinceFinlandKarelian Isthmus

Question 8: Most of the deaths were caused by political ________ campaigns and high prison camp mortality rates.
Islamic terrorismPakistan and state terrorismAl-QaedaTerrorism

Question 9: Castren, ________, E.Y.
Leonard BernsteinBerliner EnsembleAlexander FreyBerlin Philharmonic

Question 10: The conservative Finnish senate attempted to establish a Finnish ________ ruled by a German king, but after the defeat of Germany in World War I, Finland emerged as a factually independent, democratic republic.
Constitutional monarchyCoronationCrown jewelsMonarchy


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