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Finnegan's Wake: Quiz


Question 1: "Finnegan's Wake" is famous for providing the basis of James Joyce's final work, ________ (1939), in which the comic resurrection of Tim Finnegan is employed as a symbol of the universal cycle of life.
Pomes PenyeachUlysses (novel)Finnegans WakeDubliners

Question 2: "Finnegan's Wake" is also featured as the climax of the primary storyline in Philip José Farmer's award-winning novella, ________.
Dangerous VisionsH. G. WellsScience fictionRiders of the Purple Wage

Question 3: ________ on his album The Box Set 1964-2004
Christy MooreDónal LunnyAndy Irvine (musician)Planxty

Question 4: Joyce removed the ________ in the title of his novel in order to suggest an active process in which a multiplicity of "Finnegans", that is, all members of humanity, fall and then wake and arise.
TildeGuillemetsApostropheAt sign

Question 5: The mourners at his wake become rowdy, and spill ________ over Finnegan's corpse, causing him to come back to life and join in in the celebrations.
Alcoholic beverageWhiskyVodkaScotch whisky

Question 6: "Finnegan's Wake" is a ________ that arose in the 1850s in the music-hall tradition of comical Irish songs.
EnglandBallad operaBallad18th century

Question 7: In the ballad, the hod-carrier Tim Finnegan, born "with a love for the ________", falls from a ladder and is thought to be dead.
Distilled beverageEthanolVodkaAlcoholic beverage

Question 8: The song has more recently been recorded by Irish-American Celtic punk band ________.
Dropkick MurphysSing Loud, Sing Proud!Singles Collection, Volume 2The Warrior's Code


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