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Finite volume method: Quiz


Question 1: The method is used in many ________ packages.
Computational fluid dynamicsComputational physicsMonte Carlo methodRiemann solver

Question 2: The Finite Volume Method (FVM) - An introduction by Oliver Rübenkönig of ________, available under the GFDL.
University of HeidelbergUniversity of BarcelonaUniversity of FreiburgUniversity of Geneva

Question 3: The finite volume method is a method for representing and evaluating ________ in the form of algebraic equations [LeVeque, 2002; Toro, 1999].
Heat equationDirac delta functionEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspacePartial differential equation

Question 4: Similar to the ________, values are calculated at discrete places on a meshed geometry.
Additive Schwarz methodFTCS schemeFinite difference methodCrank–Nicolson method

Question 5: In the finite volume method, volume integrals in a partial differential equation that contain a ________ term are converted to surface integrals, using the divergence theorem.
GradientVector calculusDivergenceCurl (mathematics)

Question 6: Consider a simple 1D advection problem defined by the following ________
Dirac delta functionPartial differential equationHeat equationEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspace


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