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Question 1: In this process various methods are used to open a small superficial wound which produces no more than a few drops of ________.
Red blood cellPlateletBlood plasmaBlood

Question 2: The procedure can be ________, but may be quicker and less distressing than venipuncture.
NociceptorChronic painPain managementPain

Question 3: hemoglobin levels - fingerprick testing of hemoglobin is a quick screening procedure to check if a ________ or plasma donor has a high enough blood count to be allowed to donate blood or blood components.
Blood typeBlood transfusionBlood donationRed blood cell

Question 4: ________ (newborn babies) are given heelpricks instead, as this is less likely to cause permanent damage (and because babies have very small fingers).
Prenatal developmentPregnancyAttachment theoryInfant

Question 5: After a droplet has formed, venous blood is sucked up by a ________ (a thin glass tube), usually passively or sometimes by indirect suction.
ArteryCirculatory systemHeartCapillary

Question 6: glucose levels - diabetics often have a portable blood meter to check on their ________.
Blood plasmaGlycated hemoglobinReference ranges for blood testsBlood sugar

Question 7: genetic testing - heelprick testing of a newborn's ________ allows for early diagnosis and mitigation of common hereditary disorders.

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