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Question 1: Fingering is the practice of manual manipulation of the ________, vagina, vulva or anus for the purpose of sexual arousal and stimulation.
Clitoral erectionClitorisPenisFemale ejaculation

Question 2: It is analogous to the handjob (manual stimulation of the penis), and is a common form of ________ or mutual masturbation.
OrgasmForeplayClitorisHuman sexuality

Question 3: Fingering the vagina is often performed in an effort to stimulate the ________ or A-spot.
Female ejaculationClitorisG-SpotSkene's gland

Question 4: Fingering the G-spot is a commonly cited method which can often lead to ________.
ClitorisAnterior fornix erogenous zoneFemale ejaculationVagina

Question 5: In the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever, the main character Tony Manero (portrayed by actor ________), angrily tells his friends: "You assholes almost broke my pussy finger!".
Dustin HoffmanGeorge ClooneyMorgan FreemanJohn Travolta

Question 6: Anal fingering can arouse the receiver, allowing them to relax their anus and prepare them for the insertion of a ________ or any other sexual instrument.
RectumReproductive systemBreastPenis

Question 7: Fingering of the anus and rectum is commonly enjoyed in preparation for further ________[citation needed].
Anal sexAnal–oral sexOral sexSexual intercourse

Question 8: Digital penetration is penetration (for example ________), with one or more fingers.
Sexual intercourseHuman sexual behaviorMasturbationPregnancy

Question 9: Anal fingering is an effective[citation needed] way of stimulating the ________ of males, and thus bringing the receiver to orgasm.
ProstateReproductive systemSeminal vesiclePenis

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