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Question 1: On some ________ a maple neck and fingerboard are made from one piece of wood.
Bass guitarClassical guitarElectric guitarGuitar

Question 2: It is a thin, long strip of ________ that is laminated to the front of the neck of an instrument and above which the strings run.
SeedWoodFlowering plantPlant stem

Question 3: The fingerboard (also known as a fretboard on fretted instruments) is a part of most ________.
Musical instrumentString instrumentViolinGuqin

Question 4: In the 1970's, English guitarist John McLaughlin played with Shakti (band), along with Indian violinist ________, using an acoustic guitar with a fully scalloped fretboard.
Progressive rockL. SubramaniamL. ShankarL. Shankar discography

Question 5: Experimental luthier ________ made an electric guitar for John Schmersal of Enon called the Twister with a partial scalloped neck for only the thin strings, (like little playground slides).
GuqinJust intonationYuri LandmanString instrument

Question 6: The length, width, thickness and ________ of a fingerboard can affect the timbre of an instrument.

Question 7: The famous Ibanez JEM series guitars, designed and played by ________, come standard with the last 4 frets scalloped.
Rudy SarzoSteve VaiMarco MendozaTommy Aldridge

Question 8: In Italian it is called either manico or tasto, the latter especially in the phrase ________, a direction for bowed string instruments to play with the bow above the fingerboard.
Glossary of musical terminologyOutline of musicClassical musicIndex of music articles

Question 9: f(x) is a ________ function.
Nonlinear systemChaos theoryControl theoryDynamical system


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