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Finger protocol: Quiz


Question 1: It is implemented on ________, Unix-like systems, current versions of Windows and ELinks.
UnixAWKGNU Core UtilitiesMan page

Question 2: This was probably the earliest form of ________ technology that worked for remote users over a network.
Google TalkInstant messagingExtensible Messaging and Presence ProtocolPresence information

Question 3: There is no required format, and the protocol consists mostly of specifying a single ________.
Windows PowerShellCommand-line interfaceUnixCommand-line interpreter

Question 4: Prior to the finger program, the only way to get this information was with a who program that showed IDs and terminal line numbers for logged-in users, and people used to run their ________ down the who list.

Question 5: In ________, the Name/Finger protocol and the Finger user information protocol are simple network protocols for the exchange of human-oriented status and user information.
InternetTelecommunicationComputer networkingVirtual private network

Question 6: The program would supply information such as whether a user is currently logged-on, ________, full name etc.
Anti-spam techniquesE-mail addressSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolDomain Name System


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