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Fine structure: Quiz


Question 1: For a ________ atom, the gross structure energy levels only depend on the principal quantum number n.
Electron configurationHydrogen-like atomHydrogen atomBohr model

Question 2: However, when considering ________, we must use a relativistic form of the kinetic energy,
ElectromagnetismGeneral relativitySpecial relativityMaxwell's equations

Question 3: The spin-orbit correction arises when we shift from the standard frame of reference (where the ________ orbits the nucleus) into one where the electron is stationary and the nucleus instead orbits it.

Question 4: In atomic physics, the fine structure describes the splitting of the spectral lines of ________ due to first order relativistic corrections.

Question 5: However, the electron itself has a magnetic moment due to its ________.
Spin (physics)PhotonStandard ModelQuantum mechanics


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