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Question 1: Larger fines are also given independently or alongside shorter prison sentences where the ________ or magistrate considers a considerable amount of retribution is necessary but there is unlikely to be significant danger to the public.
RabbiDoctor (title)ProfessorJudge

Question 2: One common example of a fine is money paid for violations of ________ laws.
Right- and left-hand trafficTrafficDriver's licenseSpeed limits by country

Question 3: Money for ________ may be applied toward a fine.
BailArrestGrand juryArrest warrant

Question 4: Currently in ________ relatively small fines are used either in place of or alongside community service orders for low-level criminal offences.
Common lawCivil law (legal system)Reception statuteSharia

Question 5: Early examples of fines include the Weregild or blood money payable under ________ common law for causing a death.
FrisiansGermanic peoplesAnglo-SaxonsAngles

Question 6: The most usual use of the term, fine, relates to a financial punishment for the commission of minor ________ or as the settlement of a claim.

Question 7: For instance, ________ is often punished by very large fines since fraudsters are typically banned from the position or profession they abused to commit their crimes.
TortNeutral reportageNegligenceFraud


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