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Find 815: Quiz


Question 1: Lost previously hosted an ARG during the hiatus between the second and third seasons called the ________.
Dharma InitiativeLost (TV series)Lost ExperienceLost (season 4)

Question 2: At Sydney Airport, the ________ placed a billboard near the exit, featuring a picture of an Oceanic Airlines hostess and the company's symbol with the words "" 'painted' over the company's name.
7TwoSeven HDSBS OneSeven Network

Question 3: Sam Thomas (Rodger Corser) used to be an IT Technician for ________.
Oceanic AirlinesLost (TV series)Lost: Missing PiecesDharma Initiative

Question 4: Sam has followed the mysterious email message from the Maxwell Group to ________ and has located the Christiane I.

Question 5: Find 815 is the second alternate reality game (ARG) for the ________'s serial drama television series Lost.
CBSDisney-ABC Television GroupLive Well HD NetworkAmerican Broadcasting Company

Question 6: The free registration ARG follows ________ IT technician Sam Thomas as he investigates the whereabouts of Oceanic Flight 815, on which his girlfriend Sonya was a flight attendant.
Lost (TV series)Lost: Missing PiecesOceanic AirlinesDharma Initiative

Question 7: But, more relevant to Sam, there is a boat called the Christiane I leaving ________ for the Sunda Trench.


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