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Question 1: A variable-rate instrument, such as many consumer mortgages, will reflect the standard rate for deferred payment set by the ________ prime rate, increasing it by some fixed percentage.
Bank for International SettlementsOpen market operationsCentral bankFederal Reserve System

Question 2: retail, corporate, investment ________, etc.
BankInvestment bankingOffshore bankCommercial bank

Question 3: ________ held by banks and their depositors), or commodity resources.
SociologySocial capitalPierre BourdieuSocial network

Question 4: Also see ________ for a more detailed description of how financial capital may be analyzed.
Time value of moneyImmortalitySolar timePhilosophy of space and time

Question 5: The relationship between financial capital, money, and all other styles of capital, especially human capital or labor, is assumed in ________ policy and regulations regarding instruments as above.
Central bankOpen market operationsBank for International SettlementsFederal Reserve System

Question 6: Financial capital has been subcategorized by some academics as economic or productive capital necessary for operations, signaling capital which signals a company's financial strength to shareholders, and regulatory capital which fulfills ________.
Reserve requirementFederal Reserve SystemBank for International SettlementsCapital requirement

Question 7: In effect, the means of ________ and other regulations on financial capital represent the economic sense of the value system of the society itself, as they determine the allocation of labor in that society.
DebtFractional-reserve bankingCentral bankMoney supply

Question 8: When all four functions are served by one instrument, this is called ________, which does not need to be traded on financial markets since the risk of loss of value of money is uniform across the whole society.
Economic historyMicroeconomicsMoneyEconomics

Question 9: Liquidity requirements of these vary significantly – leading to a diversity of ________ and financial markets to trade them on.
ShariaContractDelegation (law)Duress

Question 10: Financial capital can refer to money used by entrepreneurs and ________ to buy what they need to make their products or provide their services or to that sector of the economy based on its operation, i.e.
CorporationBusinessCompanies lawCorporate law


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