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Question 1: Final Fight: Streetwise is a 3D beat-'em-up produced by ________, released in North America and the PAL region for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2006.
Street FighterResident EvilViewtiful JoeCapcom

Question 2: Set several years after the original ________, Streetwise stars Kyle Travers, Cody's younger brother.
Final FightStreet Fighter AlphaStreet Fighter Alpha 2Street Fighter Alpha 3

Question 3: ________ named Final Fight:Streetwise as the 6th game on their Top 10 Worst 2D to 3D Games.
The Angry Video Game NerdScrewAttackElectronic Gaming MonthlyThat Guy with the Glasses

Question 4: It is later revealed that Bella is actually the younger brother of ________, the antagonist of the original game, just before he and Kyle begin to fight.
Street Fighter Alpha 2Street Fighter AlphaFinal FightStreet Fighter

Question 5: It is a non-canonical sequel to the original ________ developed by the American team of Capcom Production Studio 8 (the developers of the Maximo series).
Street FighterStreet Fighter Alpha 2Street Fighter AlphaFinal Fight


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