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  • the little skate pushes itself along the sea floor using a pair of leg-like fin lobes, a mode of locomotion known as "punting"?

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Question 1: The exception to this is the vertical surface of an aircraft to which the ________ is attached - this is usually called the fin, tail fin (UK), or vertical stabilizer (US).
StrakeCompassRudderAircraft flight control system

Question 2: For scuba divers' fins, see ________.
SwimfinWaders (footwear)Combat bootChukka boot

Question 3: Constructions of the same purpose as fins (producing thrust, but working in gaseous media) instead are usually called wings or stabilizers with ________ as the governing science.
Bernoulli's principleNavier–Stokes equationsAerodynamicsFluid dynamics

Question 4: Moving fins may be used to propel an object through lateral thrust (see ________).
MechanicsQuantum mechanicsSchrödinger equationIntroduction to quantum mechanics

Question 5: ________ usually have a number of fins that work to translate torquing force to lateral thrust, thus propelling a ship.
Jet enginePropeller (aircraft)PropellerSteamboat

Question 6: A fin is a surface used to produce lift and thrust or to steer while traveling in ________, air, or other fluid media.
Water resourcesEarthWaterOxygen

Question 7: The first use of the word was for the limbs of ________, but has been extended to include other animal limbs and man-made devices.
Pelagic fishDemersal fishFishForage fish

Question 8: In surfing, a skeg is a stabilizing fin located at the rear of the ________.
Duke KahanamokuSurf cultureUnited StatesSurfboard

Question 9: In the case of high power application it is important to avoid ________, caused by excessive negative pressure, as this can cause noise, a loss of power, and damage to the propeller.
CavitationFluid dynamicsSonoluminescenceWater tunnel (hydrodynamic)

Question 10: The ________ has undergone numerous phases of development.
Surf cultureSurfingDuke KahanamokuSurfboard


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