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Filmmaking: Quiz


Question 1: For productions in the Western world, the nearest role is that of ________.
Sound designCostume designCostume designerLighting technician

Question 2: Most independent filmmakers rely on ________ to get their films noticed and sold for distribution.
Movie theaterFilm festivalAsian cinemaBollywood

Question 3: Some films also credit a ________.
Historical European martial artsMartial artsStage combatHong Kong action cinema

Question 4: The ________ (AD) manages the shooting schedule and logistics of the production, among other tasks.
Film crewProduction assistantAssistant directorUnit production manager

Question 5: Later on, the director, producer, other department heads, and, sometimes, the cast, may gather to watch that day or yesterday's footage, called ________, and review their work.

Question 6: Since the introduction of ________ technology, the means of production have become more democratized.

Question 7: In the video workflow, the original camera negative is developed and ________ to video for editing with computer editing software.
Spirit DataCineTelecineColor gradingColor suite

Question 8: The director of photography (DoP) is the cinematographer who supervises the ________ of the entire film
Digital photographyPhotographyHolographyCamera

Question 9: This usually has little dialog and ________, but often contains drawings that help visualize key points.
TheatreThrust stageStage (theatre)Proscenium

Question 10: Filmmaking (often refered to in academia contexting as film production) is the process of making a ________, from an initial story idea or commission, through scriptwriting, shooting, editing, directing and distribution to an audience.
Film editingFilmMovie theaterIndependent film

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