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Film styles: Quiz


Question 1: Group style can include film styles such as ________, Italian Neorealism, and Soviet Montage, for example.
German ExpressionismHorror filmNosferatuFilm noir

Question 2: It can include all aspects in making a film: sound, mise-en-scene, dialogue, ________, or attitude.
PhotographyCinematography35 mm filmTime-lapse

Question 3: For example, "Independence Day" and "________" are both sci-fi, action films about the possible end of the world.
Star Trek (film)CloverfieldArmageddon (1998 film)Lost (TV series)

Question 4: Most films conform to the ________ film style, which has a set of guidelines that the films tend to follow.
Classical Hollywood cinemaNational Film RegistryRKO PicturesParamount Pictures


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